How-to do the Instagram beauty trend

Forget a Rudolph nose on your ugly sweater, the latest bizarre makeup craze is cute and crafty.

Images: Instagram@ritapalmroos / @marindamonkey

The ugly Christmas jumper is a northern hemisphere tradition – the tackier and more hideous, the better.

But being in Australia, home of Summer Bay and the heatwave, the idea of donning anything long-sleeved other than a rashie come December 25, is enough to make you sweat.

Could bizarre Instagram beauty trend, “pom pom” makeup, be our nod to novelty this silly season?

Yep, sticking fluffy balls to your face is a thing now.

Scroll Instagram and you’ll see beauty lovers have raided their equivalent of Spotlight, to glue craft products to their faces.

While some dot the fluffy spots around the lids or lips, others splash them sporadically across their cheeks. Because personal expression.

Brave enough to do it yourself?

All you need is some pom poms and eyelash glue, then apply wherever you fancy. We suggest red, green and gold to really nail the festive face.

As with any makeup look, be extremely careful when placing anything near your eyes.

Peel off makeup is launching in Australia and claiming to be the answer to some of the biggest inconveniences in beauty. Try it for yourself to see if it’s for you.

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