How and when to start your regime

Slay on the dress, and skin front, with this comprehensive guide. 

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You’ve picked the date, maybe even got the dress.

And while a gazillion other details might be still to come, like your wet weather plan and where exactly you sit that weird cousin, there’s one big thing you’ll want to get onto stat – and that’s your skin prep – says Zoe Devine, Skinstitut expert.

“It’s great to go in and have a consultation with your chosen skin professional about six months out from your big day. This allows sufficient time if you want to undergo some more intensive treatments,” recommends Devine, who has a background in health science specialising in complementary medicine, nutrition and naturopathy. (She’s our kind of holistic beauty expert, TBH.)

Devine reckons that’s enough time to see improvements in congestion, minor pigmentation or sun damage, and in softening fine lines. In other words, getting that loved-up bridal glow.

Like an initial meet and greet with a personal trainer, what you should expect from your first appointment with your therapist is goal setting, explains Devine.

“Your first appointment would involve an in-depth consultation and skin analysis to determine how you want to change or improve your skin leading up to your big day. This consultation helps the therapist to understand what your skin goals are, but also, the therapist (through consultation) can also provide additional lifestyle tips or tweaks to assist your skin prior to your wedding.”

The tips she’s talking about include the obvious off limits lifestyle habits like smoking or drinking to excess, and then the good habits like eating well, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, reducing stress, and exercising to increase blood flow.

Less-than-perfect habits aside, the one thing Devine says therapists wish brides would stop doing is having intensive treatments like peels, laser, skin needling, close to the big day.

“If you’ve not had them before, your skin can go through some change like bringing up underlying congestion, or even resulting in superficial pigment darkening slightly before it’s sloughed off.”

Basically, you’re playing skin reaction roulette.

Devine also advises that even the most chill bride, is likely to experience some level of stress leading into the big day, so best to leave the big ticket treatments to the month prior, not a fortnight out.

“If it’s less than four weeks until the wedding, your treatment focus should be more on superficial exfoliation and hydration,” she says.

And if you think you can outsource your glowy skin to the experts, and tick that off your wedmin list, Devine has some bad news.

“Your homecare regime is the most underrated part of an approach to skin. You can’t expect the therapist alone to deliver the results. It’s like going to the dentist. You don’t go there once every six months for a clean and then forgo brushing and flossing in between. The same can be said for your skin.”

This doesn’t mean things need to be intensive or over the top at home, just take on the recommendations from your skin therapist. Yep, it’s those everyday habits that add up to your dream wedding day – and maybe that bizarre cousin behaving.

Picture: Supplied. Skinstitut expert Zoe Devine shares her wedding skincare tips.

Picture: Supplied. Skinstitut expert Zoe Devine shares her wedding skincare tips.Source:BodyAndSoul

Zoe’s tips for wedding ready skin

  • Select a skin therapist at a salon or clinic that is convenient for you to visit on regular intervals. Professional treatment intervals may be monthly or fortnightly (depending on your specific plan) so you want getting there to be easy.
  • Set your budget after your first consult. Your therapist can easily adjust your recommended treatment plan and homecare regime accordingly.
  • Start hydrating now. The more hydrated your skin, the better your make up will sit throughout your wedding day. Dehydrated skin can exacerbate skin challenges. Look out for these signs: scaly looking skin, taut skin, superficial lines, shiny skin, premature ageing, minor blemishes or breakouts.
  • Think about your at-home routine. This means using products at home that have been prescribed for your skin goals, and modifying any lifestyle habits.
  • Have a gentle exfoliation a few days prior. Your make-up artist will love you for the clean slate.

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