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The competitive landscape of eSports hasn’t only spread to colleges and universities – it’s now an activity that can land you a scholarship! Robert Morris University’s Executive Director of eSports Kurt Melcher explains why his school was the first to offer a scholarship to League of Legends players, and why other schools are following suit.

Having worked in both traditional athletics and in eSports, Kurt brings a unique point of view on why eSports athletes aren’t so different from what a person might think of as a “regular” athlete. Plus: what separates a professional eSports player from other competitive gamers.

Coaching eSports


Robert Morris University’s Executive Director of eSports Kurt Melcher discussed:

  • The difference between competitive video game playing and professional eSports.
  • The basics of top competitive games like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counterstrike, plus why these games have risen to the top of the eSports world.
  • Who is able to coach eSports teams and what kind of background they have to have in order to be effective.
  • The qualities that separate elite eSports players and teams from amateur competitive gamers.
  • How eSports have evolved over the last couple of decades and what the competitive landscape looks like now, including how money can indicate the health of any sports ecosystem.
  • Demographics and gender breakdown of current players, and what the eSports industry is doing to encourage more diversity.
  • What colleges and universities look for when awarding scholarships to eSports athletes.
  • The rapid growth of eSports and what he expects will come next.

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