Communicate Like A Mind Reader


Mind reading tricks can be unnerving, but they don’t have to be as scary as some people think they are. Mentalist Jonathan Pritchard explains how he convinces people he can read minds by using the same psychological techniques employed by sales, marketing, and other business leaders.

Jonathan has appeared on America’s Got Talent, entertained United States troops stationed overseas, and performed on main stages in Las Vegas. He discusses his 25 years of experience as a mentalist, what it’s taught him about interacting with other people, and how you too can communicate like a mind reader. Stream or download the podcast using the player below or find the episode everywhere podcasts are found, including iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, and Gretta.



Think Like A Mind Reader


In this podcast, mentalist and professional communicator Jonathan Pritchard discusses:

  • How people respond differently to mind reading tricks versus other magic tricks, like card tricks.
  • The differences between mentalism and psychology, and why mind reading tricks are able to stump scientists.
  • The concept of “strategic empathy” and how you can employ it to effectively communicate ideas.
  • How intent, context, and deception interplay with one another.
  • His experience working with James Randi and the Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge.
  • What distinguishes a mentalist from a charlatan.
  • How a person can train to be a mentalist and how they can apply the skills of a mentalist in everyday life.
  • Assumptions and shortcuts the brain utilizes in order to be more efficient, and the potential problems it can cause.
  • Why he dislikes networking events and how you can make the best first impression when meeting someone in a sincere way (especially if you’re a freelancer or you’re about to attend a networking event).
  • The thinking behind “be interested, not interesting” when interacting with people.
  • A surprising link between magic tricks and World War II.

You’ll find it hard to believe that Jonathan grew up “painfully shy,” as he puts it, by the time he’s finished explaining how he ended up where he is today. Click here to follow along with a written transcript of this episode (and share clips with your friends).

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